Let’s Talk Pot

When was the last time you sat deeply into your chair and took a breath? Took a moment to shut off the screen vying for your attention to instead appreciate a few minutes of calm in your own head. At times life can be so chaotic that taking that breath, or claiming that moment can seem impossible. For many, cannabis is one tool to make time. Loading a small bowl can quiet the mind, allowing tangled thoughts to unwind and to stake claim of the moment. Now this is by no means the only reason people indulge, but this does inspire a question. Why are people so afraid of pot?

Why this particular plant rouses anxiety to some cannot be explained in one conversation. However, what can be explained are the numerous reasons why cannabis is embraced by many and in such diverse ways. We invite you to take this moment with us. Pull up a chair, sit as deeply as you like, and if you fancy, enjoy a little herb.

The most important aspect to cannabis is in fact rather obvious — it’s a plant. When one tastes or smells a strain of cannabis there is a reason why we think of lemons or lavender. Like all plants, cannabis produces an assortment of oils. Some oils are responsible for the cerebral effects, such as the cannabinoid THC, while other oils like terpenes produce specific smells or flavours. The fact that terpenes exist in all plants results in some strains tasting similar to fruit or smelling like a flower. As long as we remember that simple fact we discuss cannabis as a plant, not a drug.

Imagine someone at work approaches you and asks, “Do you smoke pot?” An honest answer would render most unemployed. Reefer Madness might seem outrageous today. The idea of devil weed and a total lack of ambition dated concepts, but the stigma still persists. Questions about cannabis use hold so much power that even politicians have been known to avoid answering clearly. Even medical cannabis used only during off hours can leave honest, hard-working folks without a job. Naturally, we think it’s about time things changed.

Cannabis is about capturing the moment. Some might sit back with a book and an indica before bed, while others may enjoy a sativa as they give the home a little TLC. Despite how and why we indulge, cannabis is still a plant. We can create medicine, clothing, and jobs, or we can create stigma and fear. The choice is ours. New Vansterdam would like to invite you to join the discussion and help shape cannabis culture. Let us know what cannabis is for you, and without further ado,  Lets Talk Pot. 

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