Lets Talk Terpenes

Think back to the last time you enjoyed a touch of cannabis. Imagine the warm inhale and the subtle flavour that clung to the back of your tongue. Remember the faint smell lingering in the back of your nose and the memories it roused of flowers, fruits, or foods. What you may not know is that the very thing responsible for the taste and smell in your cannabis is the key to so much more.

Cannabis produces a number of essential oils including terpenes. Many already discuss the effects of THC and CBD, both of which play roles in the cerebral and physical highs. Terpenes touch on a different aspect. In any plant you have a collection of terpenes that creates the memorable scent of lavender or the tart citrus of lemon. Beyond flavour and scent, the same terpenes introduce effects as well. This is why the terpene profile of a strain is notable.

OG Kush is a legend in the cannabis community. Those who love the strain remember the citrus scent and uplifting nature unique to the Ocean Grown hybrid. These qualities are due to a high concentration of the terpene, Limonene, found in peppermint, hops, and rosemary. Rather than guessing what strains may be similar, following the terpene offers useful insight. If you desire a strain equally positive and tart, you might consider Jack Herer or Berry White. Knowing the terpenes in a favourite strain is a powerful way to identify the best strain for you.

Terpenes are like the personality of a strain. Strip away the flavour, the scent, and the unique effect, and suddenly a strain loses its vibrancy. This problem has already arisen in concentrates. Refining cannabis into oil or wax can strip away the cannabinoids and terpenes. Our knowledge about terpenes is young and introducing them presents a challenge. The way a painter plays with colour or a chef with ingredients, processors must decide how to reintroduce terpenes. How we introduce terpenes can be the difference between authentic flavour and the taste of bitter soap.

The ability to work with natural terpenes is too exciting for some processors to pass up. X-Tracted Laboratories is an excellent example for those working to create natural, authentic flavours with extracted terpenes. Many have already tried waxes like Blueberry Cheesecake and Agent Orange delivering in both flavour and potency of their flower counterparts. Successful examples utilizing terpenes show the possibility for delicious products without additives.

Legalizing cannabis unlocked an opportunity. Aside from birthing an industry and challenging decades of stigma, we now enjoy the ability to conduct honest cannabis research. The mysteries surrounding terpenes are sure to unlock uses as the years unfold. From natural, plant based flavours to oils and tinctures free of additives, we believe a future acknowledging terpenes is that of potential. Until then, New Vansterdam encourages you to ask questions and continue to demand quality. We know the community is made great by the willingness to sit down and declare, Lets Talk Pot.

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