Tokin’ Citizen Review Cherries Jubilee

Cannabis is like wine or craft beer. Already a strain owns unique characteristics such as taste, smell, and how one feels after indulging. Growers key into the specific needs of each strain, teasing from them certain qualities including better quality overall. Approach your flower slowly and you’ll experience that care. Beyond flavour and scent, the high changes if a plant is strained or nurtured. If cannabis is indeed like wine then, then where are the sommeliers?

Say hello to the Tokin’ Citizens of New Vansterdam. Chosen from drawings within the community, these individuals are a sort of sommelier for pot. Tokin’ Citizens sample and review strains to inform the community as well as weed out those strains below our standard.

Each review focuses on three key areas: Bag Appeal, Bud Appeal, and The High. For this review Tokin’ Citizens Nick Knack and Neo Hippie will breakdown the hybrid strain, Cherries Jubilee by Northwest Cannabis Solutions. Naturally, we start off with Bag Appeal.

Nick Knack, Bag Appeal

Cherries Jubilee is a nice hybrid strain from Northwest Cannabis Solutions. I had never tried anything from NWCS in the past, nor had I ever heard of this particular strain, but upon first seeing the bag I thought I might be in for a treat. It comes in a nice eye catching silver and green bag with cool mandala logo on the front. I flipped it over to see a gorgeous flower and a label notifying me that it comes in at about 19% THC, and I knew I was in for a treat.

I would rate my first impression an 8/10 based on the bag alone. The packaging here looks nice, but gives us a bare bones description of the product. All that is listed are the THC percentages with no other info about the strain as far as whether it is an indica, sativa, or hybrid – or what type of high you might expect. If I were to make any recommendations on the packaging, I would recommend putting a more prominent label in regards to the type of strain or whether you might expect an engaging high, or a more relaxing effect. Also, as far as I am concerned, everything looks nicer in a jar. However, I can’t really fault anyone for choosing plastic over a jar, as I’m sure they are expensive, and I am all for reducing the cost to us consumers. It does say “Premium Product” on the front and I must say, they aren’t lying.

Neo Hippie, Bag Appeal

The packaging itself isn’t the most appealing, but it does provide your basic information about the strain. However, if you are going just off the bag (which in this case I am) you would have no clue if it is a Sativa or Indica.

Nick Knack, Bud Appeal

I eagerly opened the bag and could immediately smell the bright fruity scent emanating outward. This scent is really something. I couldn’t help but sticking my nose in to the bag, as a sommelier would do with a fine red wine, just to take it in. And I can’t lie, I continued to do it now and then throughout the night afterwards, because it is just that good. I pulled the 2 gram bud out and it looked just as great as it smelled. It was a pretty dense and sticky-fresh bud, with a light green color, covered in orange hairs and a dusting of crystal.

Neo Hippie, Bud Appeal

Coming out of the bag, you can immediately smell the sweet scent of dark cherries along with pungent earthy tones. The buds are not well trimmed nor well cured. They did have a visible fine crust of trichomes on them though. The hairs on this bud are a very curiously bright shade of orange.

Nick Knack, The High

The taste was fruity like the smell with a subtle earthy undertone to really round it out. The great thing about smoking this strain is the excellent lingering aftertaste. It leaves a wonderful light cherry taste on the tongue that hangs around just long enough for you to notice and enjoy it before fading away. This strain is also great rolled up in a joint, as the flavor comes through a little cleaner. I can only imagine how good it would taste in a vaporizer. If you are planning on rolling this bud, be sure to have a grinder because I think it’s a bit too sticky to break up by hand for rolling purposes.

This strain really delivers on the high as well. Very quickly after ingesting, I really felt my muscles start to relax. It was not a cerebral high, I first noticed it in the back of my head, and felt the tension start to melt away from my neck, down through my shoulders and back, out through my limbs. I spend a lot of time driving and I build up a lot of tension in my shoulders and back throughout the day, so this was a welcome surprise. I felt very relaxed, but not at all “out of it” like I do when smoking a more Indica Dominant strain. In fact, my mind still felt pretty sharp, and I found myself feeling pretty happy and carefree. It is a good, fairly long lasting high that feels like the perfect way to relax after a day at work. You can relieve some of that tension built up during the day, while still maintaining the energy to cook yourself some dinner, clean up the kitchen, and do what you need to do.

Neo Hippie, The High

I packed the bud in my pipe for my first try. The flavor was very similar to the smell. Initially, the smoke was harsh, but the taste of sweet, ripe cherries blew me away. The flavor faded into a more earthy taste after the first couple of hits as did the harshness of the smoke, thankfully. I think the first hit for me was a little harsh only because the bud burned faster than I had anticipated, leaving me with a full chamber of densely packed smoke. That being said, this is one of the best tasting marijuana strains I’ve tried, and that more than makes up for the cough-worthy smoke. I also used my one hitter for this bud, because I have noticed I get a better flavor with sweeter strains when I do. I was not disappointed. What was originally just a hint of sweetness was now an overwhelming maraschino cherry flavor. Smoke Quality: 8/10.

It took about 10 minutes for the high to set in for me, but by my third hit, I had a nice smile on my face. The high is very cerebral, starting from the forehead and working it’s way to the top of the dome. The bud gave me a very floaty feeling right in the middle of the top of my head as if I was a puppet on a string. I wouldn’t recommend this strain for someone who is looking to sleep. I felt relaxed but not sleepy. I was still able to get out and walk my dog to the park. Also, I recommend pre-buying your snacks; you will get the munchies.The High: 7/10

Cherries Jubilee is easily an enjoyable strain. Our reviewers agree the relaxing and engaging quality of this hybrid would appeal to those looking for a sativa without feeling too amped up. The nature of high depended on the reviewer, as Nick Knack described a purely physical experience as opposed to Neo Hippie’s cerebral high. Despite this difference, both felt pleased with the high. Our Tokin’ Citizens described Cherries Jubilee as appealing overall with the powerful flavour as a noteworthy quality.

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