Tokin’ Citizen Tangerine Dream

Cannabis is like wine. A careful consumer may indulge with a range of tastes, scents, and sensations clear enough to read like a sommelier with wine. When a strain falls short so too do the qualities. Cultivate a strain and its qualities will shine.

Say hello to the Tokin’ Citizens of New Vansterdam. Chosen from drawings within the community, these individuals are our sommeliers of pot. Tokin’ Citizens sample and review strains to inform the community as well as weed out those strains and growers below our standard.

Each review focuses on three key areas: Bag Appeal, Bud Appeal, and The High. For this review Tokin’ Citizens Nick Knack and Neo Hippie will breakdown the hybrid strain, Tangerine Dream by Monkey Grass Farms. Naturally, we start off with Bag Appeal.

Nick Knack Bag Appeal

The “Tangerine Dream .6g Pre-Roll” sounds nice doesn’t it? It is, although you wouldn’t guess so upon first seeing it. This pre roll was nicely rolled, but the packaging had me wondering what I was getting in to. I really had no clue what to expect. This pre roll came in a nondescript clear plastic bag, and once I saw it I did not have high hopes. The bag just had a white label on the back side with the strain name and THC percentages, but no eye catching graphics, no info on the grower, and nothing about what type of strain the Tangerine Dream is. The packaging would be much better with a little more info about the strain, as well as about the grower. I feel that along with the quality of the product, the quality of the package design can go a long way in terms of creating brand loyalty with the consumer. When packaging is well designed and well thought out, and I can tell a lot of effort went in to the design, it makes me think that the same level of effort and care went in to creating the product. With this plain clear plastic bag devoid of any information I really did not have high hopes for the product. I, as a consumer, would also love to see more pre rolls come in a tube of some sort to offer them some protection from bending or breaking. However, as the old adage appropriately states, you should not judge a book by its cover.

Neo Hippie Bag Appeal

The packaging was minimal for this pre-rolled cone joint, as it was inside a non-resealable, clear plastic bag with a barcode on it. When I opened the bag, I wasn’t hit by a particularly strong scent. When I picked up the joint and held it to my nose, I could finally get a whiff of the sweet bud. I could also see that the joint hadn’t been rolled particularly well. However, this is coming from someone who doesn’t roll a lot of joints. As it was already broken down and rolled, I didn’t get to see the bud as I would typically like to. First impression: 4/10.

Nick Knack, Bud Appeal

This pre roll smoked very well. It burned evenly all the way, and I have to say I liked the flavor of the Tangerine Dream. It certainly wasn’t too strong or overpowering, just a hint of citrus flavor. It wasn’t the smoothest hit I’ve ever had but it definitely was not too harsh, I would rate it around a 7 out of 10 for smoke quality.

Neo Hippie, Bud Appeal

I sparked up the joint and took a puff. It was a smooth, clean smoke, and I noticed the tasty citrus flavor immediately. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long as it faded to a bland haze-like taste. After a couple puffs, I spotted a run in the paper, and I decided to use my pipe for the remainder of the sample. This is when I got a good look at the bud. It seemed a little dry and dull in color, but I attribute this to it’s age. It was harvested in May, making this a four month old sample. Smoke Quality: 7/10
Nick Knack, The High

The high is where the Tangerine Dream finally starts to shine. Right away, I felt my body start to loosen up and get real comfortable, but not in the way you typically experience with a more indica dominant strain. It was a very invigorating high. I felt very alive and full of energy mentally, while still feeling relaxed physically. This is the kind of high that I tend to love when I can find it. Something that can have me feeling loose without tiring me out, while also feeling very happy and energetic. In my opinion this would be great to smoke whenever you want to pair smoking with a physical activity. I personally love to hike, and I think that a Tangerine Dream hike sounds like a fantastic idea. I also think this would be great for social situations, creative endeavors, and concerts alike. When all is said and done, while my first impression of this product was not a very good one, I was pleased with the end result. It may not look like anything special, but the relaxing yet uplifting and energetic high is truly delightful.

Neo Hippie, The High

Within about 5 minutes of taking my first hit, I felt a very energetic head high with a creeping body high as well. The high was euphoric and had me laughing my ass off at dumb jokes on TV. As I settled into my high, taking a second and third hit, it seemed to me that this particular grower’s strain of Tangerine Dream was more indica dominant which is contrary to reviews I have read about the strain. It should be noted, however, that I tried this strain at night. The High: 7/10

Tangerine Dream is an alluring treat. Many enjoy this hybrid for the citrusy sweet flavour and invigorating high. Euphoria loosens the mind and body making for an ideal social high. What is debatable is the uplifting aspect of Monkey Grass Farm’s Tangerine Dream. Nick Knack mused of trekking into the great Northwest with a couple joints in his travel pack, while Neo Hippie felt a touch sedated. Fortunately, both reviewers found enjoyment in Tangerine Dream. The biggest drawback of this Tangerine Dream pre-roll is poor packaging.

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