“Awesome place!! Staff is very helpful and refreshingly honest about their different products. Nice change from other dispensaries where they just tell you whatever to get you to buy. Fair prices and great product! Will be a longtime customer here.”

“I have been to a few medical dispensaries and recreational shops in both Washington and Colorado. This place is great. Been in 4 times and it’s got new updates to efficiency every time. Great selection, great service. Price… not that bad.”

Corey Sudduth

Washington State

“Super incredible place. High quality products from flowers to oils to wax to glassware and vaporizers. Still waiting for the edibles though. Some very knowledgable staff. Some know more than others about certain products. CASH ONLY but there are ATM’s on site. Overall this place rocks”

Ryan Pratt

Spring, TX.

“Went from the airport to the car rental and then straight to New Vansterdam. I had sent a few emails prior to my trip and the staff replied immediately, unlike Main Street. It was surreal. I was straight as an arrow and had not had hooch in a long time but I felt like I was in a dream the whole time I was there. One employee said it was potent and the 20% THC was an ass kicker. One joint lasted me a week. It is now time for Florida to pass amendment 2, Medical Marijuana. We need 60% vote to pass but I think the old farts in our state will side with the No people. Thank you New Vansterdam, you rock!”

“It’s LEGAL weed.. Yes you will pay more. It’s ALL quality stuff. Awesome staff that is friendly. Many fought for this to be legal. Enjoy! Prices are what one should expect for quality. You will love this place! Quality cannabis. Top notch staff. Yes it is expensive. But it’s LEGAL. Please keep that in mind. The staff is super helpful. This is a top notch operation. Check it out.”

“My version of heaven on earth. People are very knowledgeable about their products. Very helpful in answering any questions. Looked to be fully stocked to me. And the pricing is awesome for the quality that you get. I will definitely make this a regular place to stop when I’m on that side of the bridge.”

“Came in, the store was packed, being my first time I was afraid I would get lost. Fortunately as I turned the corner I was greeted by a lovely young lady within seconds. I was not sure how everything worked and she guided me through the whole experience. She wasn’t pushy with sales and really gave me expert advice on what to purchase. I highly recommend this place. The only I would say could improve would be store flow signs.”

Marilyn S.

Vancouver, WA.

“Came here mostly for the novelty of it but I definitely left impressed. Staff was professional and knowledgeable and I was in and out quickly. You show your ID, choose what you’d like from the menu, take your list of items to the cashier and give your receipt to the guy that gives you your goods. I think it would be better to be able to see the buds of every strain and be able to smell it in advance. Prices are high and may be for a while but as supply improves it’ll hopefully drive prices down.”

Tyler Bell

Oregon State

“This place is absolutely superior. I’ve been a loyal client since September and have received perfect service every single time. The vibe of the entire place is always warm & friendly, and the products have always been remarkably fresh & delicious. Your dollars are well spent here – no question about it.”

Chadwick Rogers

Oregon State

“I was a tourist from Florida and was treated like a friend. The experience was perfect. You walk in the front door show your ID and then a door opens up to wonderland. As soon as you walk in a very helpful and informative gentleman helped me decide from the menu presented what would be a good choice due to the fact that I had only the one day left in your area and had to get on a plane later that night. I purchased 1g of Presidential OG Kush. Being from Florida where medical is on the ballot in Nov. “vote yes on 2″it was hard for me to grasp just how calming it was to be able to not look over your shoulder, not feel anxious. Thank you New Vansterdam for making my trip to your area a wonderful experience.”

Scott Oceans

Dunedin, FL.

“New Vansterdam has improved a lot since first opening. I’ve always liked the atmosphere there, I’ll forgive them for being sparse in their first year of business, not sure why that’s such a surprise to people. But they’ve filled out a lot since first opening. The service is better now. In my most recent visit, I got great advice from one of the employees about finding a strain that worked well for me. Friendly, helpful, suggested a lot of strains. He wasn’t bullshitting either, he clearly had actually smoked the product. Again, let’s be fair, it’s going to take a little time before the employees really get to know their product. Quality has always been good in my opinion. I have had iffy experiences with Main Street Marijuana early on where I paid double street price and got half the quality (though those folks have improved A LOT too.) At New Vansterdam I’ve always got great weed. Not super premium every time, but always great stuff. And you can get premium if you pay for it. Finally and most importantly, price. Everyone’s prices are way better than they used to be. In the beginning, I paid around $40 or $50 for 2g of alright bud. Just last week I walked out with 2g of nice Jack Herer for $30. It gets a lot cheaper than that too if you’re willing to pick up whatever’s on sale. I also bought 2g of Blue Dream for $10. Only about 13% THC, but the high was still great if you smoked a little more. If I do the math, that works out to better value for the same prices folks were paying on the black market. If you haven’t been to a recreational retailer recently, go back and try again. Things have improved and prices have indeed leveled out as expected. Sure you can still pay $25 a gram if you want something specific and premium, but the inexpensive options are there, and the quality is still good. In my opinion, buying legal is now a totally viable option, and New Vansterdam is a great place to do it.”

M. Bandana

Vancouver, WA.

“My husband and i went in yesterday for the first time. We are from Austin, TX. (Obviously the last state to legalize). Honstly i read the yelp reviews and was really sceptical. Dont listen to the bad reviews! Door man, nice old man. Staff A++ one in particular CeCe. She really made us feel super comfortable. Is it expensive? Ofcourse, but so was alcohol after prohibition am I right? They had 25 different stains, equal selection of indica and sativa. I’m a indica fan myself and highly recommend the purple og kush. At 21% t.h.c. let me tell you it goes right to the head and is truly cerebral. We bought the solo vaporizer and were both blown away! We both truly hope y’all take the time to read this review, we are both 100% sincere it what were saying and how we feel about our awesome experience buying marijuana legally for the first time in the. U.S. and we will be stopping back thru again!”

Emilie M.

Kyle, TX.