Cannabis Body Products

Cannabis has transformed into products you might not think. Flower requires a flame and a pipe and concentrates a device too. Edibles are quite delicious, yet also quite engulfing. For those times when a high desired and the delivery should be discreet – we introduce topicals, tinctures, and other tantalizing tools.

Modern cannabis consumers desire choice and discretion. The standard pipe or vaporizer are quite nice, but what of those moments where less attention is preferred? Topicals and tinctures fill this niché with surprising diversity. Small bottles filled with non-alcohol extracts exist in the recreational market as they do elsewhere, and yet these are only the beginning. Soothing lotions, body sprays, lubricants, and even transdermal patches appear on shelves. Fancy a breath strip to freshen your mind as well as your breath? Needless to say, a cornucopia of cannabis choices await you.

The secret is in the delivery. Smoking and vaporizing introduce cannabinoids and terpenes through inhalation. This produces immediate effects, usually with an ebb and flow experience that lasts a few hours. Edibles produce a delayed effect, stretching the experience of the high for to several hours and often with a few peaks along the way. Topicals and tinctures might vary in delivery, but many enter the system through the skin. This method of absorption creates a high between smoking and consuming cannabis. The unique hybrid nature of this experience makes for an all-together different high perfect for a variety of situations.

Cannabis is transforming to fit your needs. The industry knows a traditional lighter and pipe do not satisfy every situation, and to us, that’s a problem. Tinctures and topicals offer solutions.