Cannabis Concentrates

Concentrates are cannabis empowered. Flower can be refined utilizing a number of techniques to create a versatile product stronger than before. The oldest concentrates include both hash and kief, where the most modern include shatter, oil, and wax. Despite varying forms, concentrates are known for their impact.

Prefer a more traditional cannabis experience? Kief and hash are not only the simplest to create, they’re also easy to enjoy! Kief is essentially a loose dust made of cannabinoid rich trichomes. Sprinkling a pinch of kief to your flower will add an extra kick like seasoning on a dish. Hash can be found either as a powder or a clump, moist from the natural oil of the cannabinoids. Enjoy a little in a pipe or crumble a chunk onto your flower. Both kief and hash reach potencies exceeding the strongest of flower, so indulge mindfully.

Modern concentrate connoisseurs seek out quality shatter, wax, and oil. Refining cannabis allows processors to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes into a variety of forms. The end product is more potent than flower can ever hope to be and is usually dabbed for full effect. Perhaps the most visually stunning form is Shatter. This glass-like concentrate is often thin, sticky, and somewhat malleable. Wax retains the power of shatter, though without the aesthetics. This thick, viscous substance tends to hit hard, not entirely unlike an amplified water bong. Oil is the third and perhaps most widespread of this refined trio. The liquid concentrate is typically weaker than either shatter or wax, but remains double the strength of flower. As a general rule of thumb, processed concentrates can be judged based on colour and foreign matter with a clear and clean concentrate as the ideal. When approaching a processed concentrate expect potencies far beyond your flower.

Cannabis concentrates can be enjoyed in a number of ways. Those exploring the world of concentrates should seriously consider investing in a portable vaporizer and/or dab rig. Concentrate vaporizers allow for unparalleled freedom with discreet and portable enjoyment. We are always available to answer any questions to help ensure you have the experience you desire.