Cannabis Edibles

Edibles are essentially cannabis delivered as a treat. The cannabinoids responsible for that elevating high can be harnessed into cooking butters, oils, and more. What comes next are a variety of incarnations of cannabis. No matter the treat with which you indulge, always remember that edibles are not the same high as flower.

Cannabis-infused foods deliver your high differently from inhalation. In the same way your body digests food, so too must your chosen cannabinoid rich treat be digested. This means your high may take between half an hour to an hour to begin. Generally, the entire experience lasts for several hours and comes in waves. When judging how much to eat, be mindful of your cannabis history. Someone who smokes or vaporizes flower regularly may be surprised by the power behind a standard edible. On the other hand, those who frequently indulge in concentrates may have a higher tolerance. The best way to enjoy an edible is to understand the serving size and potency. Be cautious and utilize our retail specialists for questions.

Consuming cannabis offers an experience unlike any other. New Vansterdam carries dozens of edibles to ensure both the high and flavour satisfies. Eating a brownie may fit one situation, but perhaps a breath strip is ideal for another. Indeed, edibles come in such a variety of forms that you can find the perfect option for your day with a couple questions. After all, what is cannabis if not choice?

Cannabis culture has already adopted a phrase for edibles – start low and go slow. Do not be ashamed to ask questions. One of the many benefits to legalized cannabis is the ability to be informed and choose. Most of us know the rollercoaster ride of over-indulging with edibles. Ask questions, learn from our experiences, and have a wonderful edibles experience!