Cannabis Flower

Flower is cannabis in the most natural form. The many varieties of tinctures, waxes, and infused treats all begin with common roots as a simple plant. How humanity first came upon cannabis is largely unknown, but the curious plant has sprouted across cultures and throughout the ages. What we do know is that even with the passing of time our admiration in cannabis continues to grow.

Cannabis flower is adaptive and alive. Hundreds, if not thousands of strains exist today with names as diverse as their origins. At the root of these strains exist a few basic species developed with time. One of the most common species is the Indica. Indica strains grow short and bushy, and typically require relatively little time to mature. The strains within the indica species are known to inspire calm and tranquility. Expect a stony, more physical high with these strains. Not all cannabis is appropriate for an evening in, though. Sativa strains are a taller, thinner species known to rouse creativity and energy. If exploring the Pacific Northwest or drafting your next masterpiece is on your day’s to-do, a sativa is your best bet. Many strains today have intermingled, producing a species known as Hybrids. A hybrid often shows characteristics from both sides of its genetics. If the day ahead remains uncertain, a balanced strain is a safe choice.

How you enjoy your flower is entirely up to you. Smoking is by far the most well known method and is relatively simple to achieve, though harsh on the lungs. Equipped with a grinder and dry herb vaporizer, you have a gentler solution with much more control over your experience. Whether you smoke or vaporize, a typical high kicks in immediately and lasts for a few hours. Cannabis flower is simple and by far the easiest way to partake.